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Official Seal of the A.C.G.

Founded during the Council of Reveer in 325-092 USY.

Founding of the ConfederationEdit

Founded by an allied council of roughly a dozen inter-galactic species such as Humans, the Satyrs, Crusapians, Invokoid, Cybratics, etc. Determined to establish a unified government to further expand into the cosmos. Originally having dominion over their particular super cluster of galaxies.

The Council of Reveer, was organized by a Human named Alexander Reveer, the 1st elected Prime General of the Astral Confederation. Over 10,000 individuals of all member species voted on the formation of the Confederacy, its laws and policies. Eventually creating a semi-democratic government where all regions are aloud to govern themselves separately but with an elected congress  with one elected representative per each galactic region. Therefore making an executive government which makes the major decisions.  

Each region within the confederacy was aloud to govern themselves as they please as long as they follow the laws of the "Inter-galactic Declaration". A document which sets the guidelines for their government. However if a majority of regions decide to band together, they have the right to make a collective veto of any new policy or law.

Current Day A.C.G.Edit

The Astral Confederation was also one of the founding members of The Unity. An even larger organization which is universe wide. A.C.G. is certainly still one of the superpowers in this organization and as founders they reap the technological benefits. Whether it be control over the distribution of loopwarp tech, or the distribution of wealth. Overall the Astral Confederation of Galaxies is one of the most powerful members of The Unity and are primary guardians of its survival. Equipped with the most advanced technology available to defend and protect its boarders and that of other Unity members.