Neo-Crusader emblem

Official seal of the Brotherhood of Zeon

Founded: Believed to be roughly 100,000 years ago.


The Brotherhood of Zeon is an Inter-galactic religious order originating from the Shade Imperium and gaining universal prominance during the Pre-Unity War. This order worships Zeon, the elemental of darkness, and his teachings of balance, and evenness (not quite equality, but similar). Although, many worshiping groups misunderstand Zeon's doctrine and follow more of the fire side of Zeon. This fire side is considered evil by the general morally correct population. It is this fire side of Zeon that the Shade follow.

The Brotherhood is governed by an elected leader called "The Baron", who rules for life and is believed to be divinely chosen by Zeon himself. The Baron, is in charge of Universal communication with other Brotherhood leaders, he is also the leader of a "High Senate" Consisting of one Quisitor per each galaxy that the Brotherhood has a presence in. The Quisitors are upgraded with the mind of supercomputers and are responsible for all Viceroy in their galaxy.

The governing body over the High Senate is the "Patrons Council" which consists 11,000 Patrons who rule over each designated inter-galactic region and the 11 Vice-Barons who are responsible for the actions of 1000 patrons each. The 11 Vice-Barons also act as an advisory council to The Baron.

The Brotherhood of Zeon also has a elite covert fighting force. called the"Crusadrem". Tens of Trillions of highly trained spys, assassins and warriors scattered across the universe. The Crusadrem of each galaxy report to their Quisitor and embark on regular covert mission.

Each planet that the Brotherhood has a presence in has a "Viceroy" which is the equivalent of a priest, or teacher. All Viceroys follow the "Code of Balance". Which is an ancient text, describing the exact details of Zeons mortal life and how he ascended to elemental status upon his death. The Code of Balance is believed to have been given to the 1st Baron by Zeon himself in the ancient past. 

Each member of the Brotherhood also has a different "true name" given to them by their perticular Viceroy. They believe that every individual has a true name. Their true name expresses the individuals soul. Followers of this great cult do not worship Zeon in the traditional sense, for he desires no worship, but they commune with him for advice and to gain his, or his fire part's, power, guidance, wisdom, and favor.

Crusadrem RanksEdit

Regarding the Crusadrem, there are 9 ranks:

1) Centauron(equivalent of a General)

2) Grand-Count

3) Vis-Count

4) Count

5) Arch-Duke

6) Duke

7) Infernos 1st Class

8) ​Infernoi

9) Initiate