The Crusapians are a species of intelligent crustacean originating on the planet Criquom in the galaxy of Andromeda.

The Crusapians are a species of intelligent crustacean originating on the planet Criquom in the galaxy of Andromeda. Once a mighty people brought low during the 18th millennium in an inter-galactic conflict with the humans from the neighboring galaxy. Utterly crushed, hundreds of colonies across Andromeda destroyed. The 1st human intergalactic war finally ended in a ceasefire after half a century of bloodshed. 

The Crusapians are a peaceful race of explorers, compared to the overly aggressive and expansionist humans, their military technology was useless against them. Other then their peaceful approach to life, Crusapians are not much different from humans. Equal level of intelligence, diverse culture and language, as well as an equivalent level of technology.

Crusapians are not especially spiritual or religious, but they have a healthy respect for the universe and all things in it. Respect toward other minds, creativity and companionship with others is of great importance to them. Overtime the Crusapians and Humans eventually learned to coexist in relative peace. 

The 1st 100 millennium of human expansion into space and their post-war alliance with the Crusapians was tremendously helpful to both sides. With their collective minds, technological advancements sky rocketed in both of their societies. The Crusapians rebuilt, moving freely between both galaxies.

However it was their language that is thought to have been the cause of the previous war. A great misunderstanding, the Crusapians speak in a series of clicks and whistles. Before the invention of the Telepathic translator, allowing anyone to feel the emotional meaning of a word, Humans were forced to break down their varies dialects and words. Eventually it came to the point that both species could speak in their native languages and they could both understand each other. Seeing as the Crusapians were incapable of human speech.

Even with in the current time, humans and Crusapians still remember their shared history of the last million years. Many entities currently use telepathic translators but for those who choose not to, the art of conversing in different languages and still understanding each other is highly respected. Overall the Crusapian race is highly creative. Capable of thinking up solutions for problems that would be rare to see in a human mind. The value of teamwork to achieve a goal is deeply rooted in their psychology.

Species/Race InformationEdit

  • Average Lifespan: 160-170 years
  • Average Height/Weight: 5'0"-5'6", 100-150 lbs