In the late 36th century EY, the human race was on the brink of civil war. An executive decision was made to invest in the "Cybratic Project". Essentially spawning an army of thousands of android soldiers. Although these newly created beings were brought into the world with both freewill and a super intelligent mind. 

These Cybratics were marched off to fight a civil war without choice or a chance at a normal life. The war quickly ended and riots broke out across the 38 colonies. Cybratics took to the streets seeking equal rights as humans in all colonies. It took nearly a century before they finally achieved their goal. 

Seeing as the Cybratic race was born into Human society, their own culture tends to follow the same patterns and customs. Although incapable of reproduction, thousands, even millions more of them were created in massive factories. Allowing two Cybratic parents to actually design their own child and pick them out as they choose. 

Although they have android bodies, they are not immune to emotion and spirituality. Things such as love, bravery, anger, frustration, etc are a normality. However given their advanced bodies Cybratics have a lifespan four times greater then that of any Human. Immune to the effects of biological illness and weaponry. Over time a Cybratic may choose to upgrade themselves and therefore extend their life a few more decades before eventually reaching an age where their mind begins to deteriorate.

Even in the current day, Cybratics are still sought for covert or elite intelligence or military operations. There are several trillion of them now, scattered across the universe. Most of which reside in the Astral Confederation of Galaxies. However more and more frequently, Cybratics have been exploring farther out. Leaving what they know to go and see what the universe has to offer them.

Species InformationEdit

Average Lifespan: 425-450 years Average Height/Weight: 6'6", 200 lbs