The De'Mon original form

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De'Mon, the definition of pure, ruthless, evil... They are a hyper-intelligent inter-dimensional race or shapeshifters who seek to exterminate all forms of life in the universe. De'Mon are renowned for their amazing ability to reverse engineer literally anything within minutes, and sometimes seconds. Being a hyper-inteligent race, the De'Mon have the minds of supercomputers, and their absolute hatred for all less evolved lifeforms is infinite.

Thought to have originated in the void beyond the edge of the universe. These beings swear loyalty to the Unholy Empire of Sheol. A planet once believed to be a myth, a horror story meant to scare children to sleep at night. But this is not actually a real planet. In the ancient times when mighty civilizations such as the Triune Empire and the Temporal Guard reigned supreme. 

The De'Mon were in their prime. Colonizing Sheol as their homeworld in this universe and began to expand rapidly. Every crashed ship, every scrap of technology recovered from other alien beings was back engineered and eventually brought them into contact with the Temporal, Triune and Shade. 

The following war ravaged the universe for the next one billion years, all four of these superpower civilizations facing off in the 1st Great Universal War. by the end of the war the Temporal made the final sanction and established a warplock around planet Sheol. Literally trapping the De'Mon in a separate universal bubble that they could not escape from. 

The De'Mon are able when born take the form of the image above. However during their early years they begin to adapt to their environment. Also capable of shape-shifting indefinitely into any alien form that they see. Coupled with their amazing powers of regeneration and accelerated healing, the De'Mon are a deadly force to be reckoned with.

In the current day, the De'Mon are thought to be extinct. However every once in a long while stories surface about covert De'Mon attacks, horror stories of a monstrous creature exterminating an entire village, etc. So its not far fetched to think there may be a few of them left out there in the vastness of the universe.

Species InformationEdit

Lifespan: Immortal

Average Height/Weight: Variable