Humans are one of the more recent races to have gained universal dominance.

Humans are one of the more recent races to have gained universal dominance. They are generally neutral to most species, though even the best tend to be somewhat wary of strangers, and at worst, humans can be raving xenophobes. Once they become accustomed to an individual or culture, they tend to adopt a stance that assumes that said culture has always been part of their own. Inclined to fear most creatures, humans tend to panic easily in large groups and usually lash out violently at those they feel are responsible. Unlike on other worlds, even the most isolated human colony will not be bigoted against other humans because of skin color or appearance; in a universe with countless non-human and hundreds of sub-human species, racism is a pretty dull pastime, while specism is far more likely to occur. 

Even a million years after breaking the chains of their home world, humans still have the same basic form. Over time the human race has split off into hundreds of other sub-human species scattered across the universe. However the original, basic humans are usually about 5-6 ft. tall, and weigh about 100-200 lb., with a slight bias towards lesser weights. They have varying skin colors, from pale and tan to true ebony in color, while their hair can be black, red, brown, white, gray, or blond. Humans may have eyes of several shades, including those of blue, green, brown, red, hazel, black, and yellow.

Humans have variable relations with other races, colored by their natural tendency to reject strangers. Sub-human races are generally accepted in most human cultures, while non-humanoids are considered to be too inconsequential to take much notice of. In contrast, reptilian humanoids may attract more positive attention, usually of a curious or interested nature; unless reptilian humanoids make themselves a threat, humans would rather befriend those who have a similar appearance to them. Most other species attract no more attention from humans, beneficial or hostile, than they would for any other species.

Species/Race InformationEdit

  • Average Lifespan: 100 years
  • Average Height/Weight: 5'0-6'0", 100-200 lbs