The Tree of Life, official emblem of the Illumic Order

Founded: 4th millennium(EY)


The I.O. is one of the oldest known inter-galactic religious organizations which has a presence throughout billions of galaxies. With the primary teching of peace, kindness, humilty and love towards one another. It is consisted mainly of Humans, But trillions of other civilizations of all classes and species are apart of this unique religious order. The I.O. follows the religion of Illuminism. The governing body of the I.O. is split into 2 separate groups

The High Council of Light/C.O.L. Which consists of 12 High-Arks who are elected for life. When one High-Ark dies, the council elects a member of the faith, who could be anyone, anywhere. The C.O.L. is in charge of universal communication between its followers, Teaching the faith and spreading the light of Illumic to the rest of the universe. The council typically votes on everything, such as crusades, expansion of the faith to new places, etc.

The Holy Illumic Court There are three "Judges" per every galaxy the order has a presence in. The Judges are elected for life by a new judge is elected by the current council when the old one dies. They are in charge of enforcing Illumics law and Order. Any entity who declares loyalty to the Order is immediately subject to their Law. The law is written in the ancient Book of Light, which is believed to have been written by Illumic and given to the first High-Ark. Reaching completion over a period of 2000 years.

The Great RivalryEdit

Overall, the Illumic Order are fierce rivals with the Brotherhood of Zeon. Unlike the Brotherhood, the Order does not have an elite fighting force. Instead they have "Prophets". The Prophets of Illumic are champion warriors. Loyal to the High-Arks and enforcers of their will. It is said that a single Prophet of Illumic is capable of defeating all but the greatest Crusadrem warriors of the Brotherhood single handed. Feared and loved across the universe, the Prophets main purpose is to spread the light of Illumic across the galaxies. Converting Brotherhood and unaligned worlds alike.

The rivalry between the Brotherhood of Zeon and the Illumic Order has lasted since their creation. On one hand, the Brotherhood seeks to establish a balance between light and darkness, Zeon and Illumic. But on the other hand, the Order seeks to tip the balance in the favor of the light of Illumic. Balance and compromise is considered a weakness. Establishing the dominance of Illumic is the Orders primary goal.