The Invokoid are a warrior race of insect-like beings with twelve eyes and superior strength to most species.

The Invokoid are a warrior race of insect-like beings. With twelve eyes and superior strength to most species. Invokoi originate in the Sombrero Galaxy and are some of the most naturally talented warriors and fighters ever encountered by by early human travelers. Humanities 1st contact with this race occurred in the 56-904 USY. At the time they were thought of as a primitive species. A class zero civilization, their home world ravaged by war, famine and plagues. 

The Invokoid were currently in the middle of their 5th world war when Humanity intervened. Eventually bringing peace to their world. Accelerating their technological growth at a gradual rate. Once they had reached a point of unity among their race, the Astral Federation of Humanity ascended them to inter-stellar status and eventually, inter-galactic. 

The Invokoid in the modern day are slightly more civilized then their ancestors. They still carry the same warrior, aggressive attitude similar to that of humans. However the Invokoid's passion of warfare is almost religious. The art of conquest, control and dominating your opponent is of high regard in modern Invokoid society. 

Massive arenas built to house sporting events where two "teams" of actual armies battle it out for victory and glory. Those with power are respected and those who seem weak, humble, passive are looked at as worse then a slave. Although slavery was once a part of their culture, it has long since been eradicated.

Due to their greater height and size, their starships are slightly larger then most. The Invokoid, who in the current day are members of The Unity, are considered some of their best ground fighters at their disposal. When a military situation occurs that requires a ground force, the Invokoi are nearly always the 1st wave.

Species/Race InformationEdit

  • Average Lifespan: 140-150 years
  • Average Height/Weight: 7'6"-8'6", 200-300 lbs