The Krolans are a species of assassins. They are trained from a young age to be stealth walkers and live in the dark. Krolans can jump high to avoid being detected and are extremely silent due to their extensive training.
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Krolan younglings are sent to the School of Assassination and Stealth (S.A.S.) when they are 5 years old. They then spend the next 20 years training and learning about the art of assassination and the skill of stealth. Korlan cadets are then sent to the Pre-Coreamod Camp (P.C.C) where they train for 10 more years, battling their peers to be the Top Coreamod. Coreamods are then sent to the Krolan Council to be given assignments around the planet of targets marked for assassination.

Krolan’s average life span is between 180 and 200 years. This gives them plenty of time to train and conduct their assignments.

Krolans life their lives like humans. They have families and they have jobs (assassination contracts for money). Some leave the planet, but most decide to stay and only leave when their contract makes them. They are a simple species, only worried about taking care of themselves and their families. They make money to support their family. But some are experts in their field and are contracted for life by certain organizations. 

Species InformationEdit

Average Lifespan: 180 – 200 Average Height/Weight: 5'9"-6'5", 100-175 lbs