Straight out of the books of fantasy, Satyrs originated on a beautiful mountainous world.

Straight out of the books of fantasy, Satyrs originated on a beautiful mountainous world. Their 1st encounter with mankind ended with an alliance that has lasted for the past million years. Similar to Humans in many ways, whether it be similar lifespans, their mammalian heritage or their similar outlook on life. They hold the same basic values such as companionship, love, good work ethic, etc.

Nicknamed Satyrs by humans after the mythical creature in Greek mythology. It is thought that Satyrs were actually the 1st extraterrestrial species that contacted earth in the late 22nd century. Sharing the same local group of stars, the Satyrs of Chrome were only a thousand years more advanced then Earth at the time. With their help, humanity quickly expanded into the Milkyway. 

Satyr society is just as divided as humans. A constant rise and fall of empires and warfare. Not long after Satyrs and humans made contact, they adopted many of the traditions and religious beliefs. As well as the art of story telling. Nothing grips a Satyr like a good story filled with drama, action and adventure.

When it comes to the current day, Satyrs are just as numerous and wide spread as humans are. Highly respected due to their adaptability, equal in comparison to a human. Any two Satyrs when compared would have just as little in common as a 30 year old man from America has with a 100 year old women from India. They are so diverse culturally that the number of languages and level of technology of any two Satyr colonies in the same solar system are likely to be completely different.

Species/Race InformationEdit

  • Average Lifespan: 100-120
  • Average Height/Weight: 5'6"-6'6", 100-200 lbs

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