The Shade are an ancient race whos origin is nearly as old as the Triune.

The Shade are an ancient race whos origin is nearly as old as the Triune. Some even speculate that the rise of the Shade are the reason for the Triune's extinction. At first glance, a shade is slightly taller and more muscular then any human, their skin can be any shade of glossy black which never shows any sign of age. Their eyes are evolved to see in low light which gives them excellent night vision. However that allows other races to exploit their weakness to extremely bright lights. Many Shade have their eyes surgically implanted which gives them night, heat, infrared, ultraviolent and x-ray vision. They wear no clothing or armor as their skin and claws are diamond hard and they speak telepathically.

Shade are also gender-less, any two shade are capable of reproducing via the process of mitosis. This process usually takes several hours, but by the end of it a fully developed shadeling is spawned with half of the experience, memory and knowledge of each of their parents. This explains why the Shade are so numerous. It is believed that the entire registered population of "The Unity" of all species across the universe would only be a tenth of the Shade's total population. 

Luckily though, they still manage to hold them back to the outer regions of the known universe. Whenever there is an encounter with the Shade it is usually in the form of pirates or attempted terrorism against unity aligned worlds. The Shade are an enemy to everyone and yet they still managed to survive. But ever since humanities ascendance to class five status, encounters with the Shade have become more numerous and devastating. 

The Shade themselves are a highly spiritual race. Taught at a young age to follow the path of universal balance. However, the Shade's interpretation of balance means that every time a new civilization rises to power, they believe it is their responsibility to balance that power via destruction and violence. The pursuit of power thought to be the path of evil and all those who follow it will receive their version of justice.

Species/Race InformationEdit

  • Average Lifespan: 350 years
  • Average Height/Weight: 6'6"-7'6", 150-250 lbs